Thursday, July 7, 2011

Links to various news stories

I don't have time to review and comment on them all, but here are some links to relevant news stories from Uncle Tim. Thanks, Tim!

Energy costs biggest hurdle for former minister Smitherman's Ring of Fire bid - The biggest hurdle former Ontario energy minister George Smitherman will face trying to secure a Ring of Fire ore processor for the northern town of Greenstone are his own energy policies, critics say.

Ontario's Power Trip - The end of FIT

Ontario's Power Trip - The Failure of the Green Energy Act

Ontario's Power Trip - Today's Forecast: higher power prices

The Gas is Greener - one thing I will say about natural gas based power generation in Ontario, is that Ontario only produces 2% of the natural gas it now consumes, and natural gas consumption for electricity generation is forecast to be at least 25% of current provincial demand! Enjoy sending money for natural gas resources outside the province forever.

Energy Diet Challenge

Shell and Canadian Geographic Magazine are holding a contest called the Energy Diet Challenge. The premise behind this contest is to pit six different families against each other and see which entrant can reduce their energy use the most. And not only household energy, but also transportation energy. Good thing one can still ride bicycles in Canada during September!

The entry period has already closed, and the contest starts in September 2011.

Do you think your family could reduce its energy usage significantly?